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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

7 Days to eCommerce Profits

What do you think about this as a book title? I am looking to publish my own Kindle book on Amazon about starting and running an eCommerce business (from day 1 onward guaranteeing profits within 7 days). Please submit to me via email or comments what you think would be some good ideas to write about. Right now I will be covering:

• What your one-time and recurring costs are likely to be.
• The best shopping cart software for you based on your skills and knowledge.
• How to choose the right credit card processing company.
• 30 questions to ask any prospective e-commerce site designer before you hire.
• How outsourcing works and why it's easier (and cheaper) than you think.
• The right way to do keyword research.
• How to assess the competition in a niche so you don't waste your time.
• Winning the SEO game on-page and off.
• The best free and paid tools for SEO.
• How to set up Google Analytics to track visitors and conversion.
• How to build an email subscriber list and run email campaigns free.
• The 12-point checklist for a high converting checkout process.
• How to get your site indexed in the search engines quickly.
• 12 questions to help you create a customer avatar.
• 50 things you must test before you open your site.
• How not to lose your shirt on paid advertising.
• How to drive massive traffic through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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