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Monday, March 25, 2013

All about Doba: Why You Need It When Starting Out

I hope you all have gotten the chance to review my last couple of posts about Inventory Source and World Wide Brands Directory. Now that you have an idea of what they are about, and how to use the basics to them, I wanted you to get the chance to learn just why you need to use Doba, and also to get a sneak preview of their platform.

First, check out this video that explains why you need to use Doba. I used a friend of mine's YouTube video about Doba as he explains it perfectly, check it out:

I hope the above video helped explain just WHY you need to use Doba...but if it didn't convince you, I hope that I can. Doba allows you to sell products online WITHOUT having to set up accounts with numerous suppliers. All you have to do is sell products, log into Doba and then purchase those products for your customers. You don't deal with anything except for order processing! How much easier does it get.

Now take a look at this sneak peak of Doba from my friend again. He did such a great video, there was no need to make another. Check it out:

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